Tempting Fate

Doddler Wrote :

So here I’ve been thinking, there’s this game that I’ve been wanting for some time. Its an ero game from Japan, with very attractive art, and one of my favorite voice actor (Did Mikuru from Haruhi, Kaede from shuffle, Hiyori from Mizuiro). In my mind, using my superior artistic ability I traced out a series of events that I would like to have happen.

Its really not a sausage

This is afterall, how it worked for all my other games.

Unfortunately, this game is really loli. Really loli. Not so much really loli, I think I’ve gotten far worse across the border, however it is considerably more blatant in its flaunting of its lolicon appeal. For one, the game is called Kodomo Milk Parfait (A Child’s Milk Parfait), and its by a company called Sakuranbo Elementary School. Being an un-rated doujin production, they’re at no requirement to avoid say, talking about the actual age of its characters. I fear that should I attempt to get the game, the following might occur.

I think its really a sausage this time

So there’s my plight. The game looks good… but blatant enough that if anyone in customs could read a smidgen of Japanese, I might find myself spending my free time with a guy named bubba. I guess I just have to know when I’m defeated and move on. :(

Game Homepage: Kodomo Milk Parfait


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A good friend of mine, Peppy has been hard at work for months building an Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents clone for PC. I’m sure I’ve been more annoying than helpful during his work but he’s gotten some amazing things done so far.

Just yesterday he finally put out a public beta release for people to play. I strongly recommend anyone who is a fan of Ouendan or EBA, or anyone interested to check out the game. It’s pretty awesome. Simply head on over to his site, http://osu.ppy.sh/ and head on down to the forums. You can download it from there, although you’ll have to sign up for the forums in order to download beatmaps (songs/stages).

Want to see what its all about? Youtube tells all!

A Bigger Lie Has Never Been Told

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Bull fucking shit!
Oh yeah, we believe you.

I like to think that I tend to watch smart anime. Maybe not smart intellectually, but generally well presented anime with either a solid story, good drama, or funny comedy. If I want something a bit racy or risky, I usually delegate that to the bishoujo games. This way I can focus on those solid, engaging shows that make me love anime so much.

This is not one of those shows.

Maybe its my reputation that got me into this mess here. Even though I had not planned on watching this show, I had no less than half a dozen people pushing me to watch it. Apparently once a lolicon, always a lolicon. I couldn’t get out of it if I wanted to.

I’ll give a bit of background of Moetan here. Moetan originally started out as a “learn to speak English” book, where with the help of the supposedly 17 year old majican girl (see post title) Nijihara Ink as she becomes magical teacher Pastel Ink and helps Nao learn English, by explaining a book-full of English otaku joke phrases and explaining their word usage. The book gained notoriety because apparently it was sold in a pretty prestigious university book stores. On one hand it seemed like a pretty cool, sometimes hilarious English reference book. On the other hand, it was a raging lolicon fantasy.

So when Moetan came over to Anime, its hard to focus on the English teaching theme that the book did. To some extent its still there, but the focus has been shifted slightly from teaching English, to blatantly underage girls in tight magical girl outfits and barely legal transformation animation. Even I felt dirty watching it.

Omg they're even loli'er than usual.!
The legal status of this show is in question.

You have to stop and think about how much of an accomplishment that is. I do a lot of things I should feel dirty for but haven’t. I felt no remorse when I barely got Yoimachihime past customs and played it (ok, maybe I did a little). I haven’t felt this dirty since I played and reviewed “Oyatsu no Jikan”.

So I guess I’m stuck watching it though. It’s amusing, but it certainly doesn’t make any attempt to hide its target audience. Atleast I get to hear more of the nanoha VA. And Sumi is kinda moe…

Site Defaced?

Doddler Wrote :

For all those asking about it, yes, it was a friend of mine that has FTP access. I knew about it when he put it up as a joke, but didn’t remove it immediately cause I didn’t have access to it. It was just a friendly joke, its not anything malicious done to the site. I didn’t think enough people visited this blog enough to notice. :P

For those who missed it: Click here

Blogging Time Off

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If it wasn’t obvious, I’ve taken some time away from updating my blog (both of them, if you follow ro.doddlercon.com). The reasons? I will attempt to show how I have been spending my time lately.

  • Ragnarok Online
  • Anime
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Supreme Commander
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Anime
  • Loli
  • Loli Anime
  • Work

And there you have it. I may update later, depending on how motivated I am.

Kanon – Win and Awesome

Doddler Wrote :

So Kanon has finally come to an end. I have to admit, I’m really sad that its ended, as I don’t think I’ve followed any anime quite as intently as I followed Kanon.

So how does it rank up?

It was amazing. Everything about the show screamed quality, every moment showed such incredible attention to detail. I don’t think that a better adaptation could have been made. The Toei Kanon while a worthy attempt, has absolutely nothing on this. The work of Kyoto Animation on this show, like seemingly all thier projects, have made it absolutely golden.

There were a few complaints though, but mostly it has to do with the source material of the show. The first part of the show, as with seemingly most gal game to anime adaptations, spends a bit too long on character introduction, slice of life, and setting up atmosphere before delving into the main story. Kanon faired better than most, and while I think it was still a fun watch, I know a number of people who have given up on the show because of the terribly uneventful plot devoid first 1-6 episodes.

The character stories were all told very well. While they fairly linear one-at-a-time like they were in the original kanon anime, they’ve done a great job of bringing the characters togeather. Each of the stories are compelling, and some genuinely moving. The real hero is Yuuichi who, without him I don’t think Kanon would have worked at all, and his character was probably one of the best of the show.

So whats next? I dunno, I guess I’ll have to find something else worth watching. Atleast I have Clannad to look forward to. :)