Ano Hana


Well, this is more or less the ending you expected would occur from the beginning.  Just cause you knew it was coming doesn’t make it any easier to take though.  It was a bumpy road to get there, and the characters came a long way.  Some of the drama was a bit overdone, and the characters probably drop enough tears in the 11 episodes to fill a small swimming pool, but I enjoyed the ride.  The characters were believable, and the scenario is not too difficult to relate to.  The story is almost overly simple, filled only with the emotions of the characters involved.  Overall, a really enjoyable ride.

I did pretty good throughout the series, but the ending got me.  It was just too sad.  I’m weak to farewells, and this one struck me particularly hard.  I must admit, I cried for her :cry:.  Menma, we won’t forget you!