Unity Shmup Game (with code)

Ever since I stopped playing MMO’s I found myself with an excess of free time on my hands, and I eventually decided I wanted to get back into game-making. I’ve done some game programming way back when I was in school in C++ when DirectX 8 was still fresh, but things have changed a lot since then, so I studied up on my different options. Chris Park (Arcen Games / AI Wars developer) spoke some praise about porting his own games to Unity, which put it on my radar for gaming projects. I do PHP and web scripting professionally now, but I wanted to get into c#, and Unity would provide a pretty good way to get into that language.

I spent a few weeks reading up unity tutorials and watching various videos. The Simple 2D Shooter in unity series at 3dbuzz.com more or less got me filled in on all the basics I needed to get going for real, and google would fill me in on the rest. I needed a way to make assets for a game, so I did a crash course of tutorials on the internet of various blender tutorials. I don’t remember what I used for beginner tutorials, but blendercookie.com had some that got me up on rigging and just general workflow.

Part of the game design sketch

Being overly ambitious is the downfall of most game projects, so I started with something very basic. I sketched out on a couple pieces of paper what I wanted my assets to look like and how the game would play. You can even see the original scanned document here. The plan was simple, it would be a single stage shmup game consisting only of a boss encounter with a (mostly) stationary object.

So that’s the story about it. Overall from start to finish the game took about a week and a half.  Google saved my butt more than a few times, and Unity Answers had a lot of useful information, even though I only needed to ask 1 question (which was answered almost instantly!).  I did expand the scope a bit once everythign was done, as I added a couple extra things like multiple difficulty levels and the ability to auto-orient your ship, but it more or less followed the original document.

Overall I was really impressed with how easy it was to get build a decent game using unity. I used a couple of libraries, specifically iTween and Detonator to speed/spice things up, both are pretty awesome tools.  I will probably continue to use Unity for game development, as it seems to simplify the process to a point where I don’t have to worry about low level details but still gives me full control over the game itself.

Anyways give the game a shot and see how you like it.  It’s only a few minutes long, and let me know what you think (and how well you do!).

Play the Game in Browser

Additionally, I’ve included the project and all related source files on the game page. I don’t know how useful it is, the code is (in my opinion) a bit of a mess, and has a few code based limitations based on the design (such as only having a single enemy). Hopefully someone out there might find it useful though!

I’m looking at perhaps doing something a bit more ambitious now, we’ll see how it turns out!

New Games!

So sexy!

Finally got a new set of games in!  Surprisingly, customs gave me very little hassle this time.  I got in two older games, Daibanchou and Sengoku Rance from Alicesoft, and a recent title Kamikaze Explorer from Clochette. Daibanchou and Sengoku Rance aside from being amazing games both have full english translations so I felt obligated to pick up copies of the games. Kamikaze Explorer is a bit of an odd one, I kind of ended up in contact with it somehow and ended up falling for the game’s amazing visuals and cute characters, so I also picked that one up.

The packaging for Daibanchou and Sengoku Rance are pretty standard fare. The Daibanchou version I picked up was a cheaper re-release version so there isn’t much to it. The Kamikaze Explorer package was amazing though, I felt like a kid on christmas day. The game is packed in a hard board side opening box. It came with two lengthy 60-80 page booklets. One was a high res full color book that contained all kinds of promotional art, character images, and some of the art used in the game. The other booklet contained uncolored line-art of lots of the in game art and promotional pictures. Inside the box was a full color manual, and a DVD case containing the game itself. Even the case itself was well done, the case being a clear plastic with great visuals on both sides of the cover.

I’ll hopefully write about them a bit more as time goes on!

Tsugumomo & Manga Streaming

Over the last two  or so weeks I’ve spent a lot of time watching the UStream of Hadama Yoshikazu.  Mr Yoshikazu is the author of the above manga, Tsugumomo.  It turns out he broadcasts all his work sessions while he writes his manga, which is really quite amazing.  I usually just turn it on while I’m at work or bored at home and just kind of see what he’s up to and see how he does a lot of his art.  He’s on quite a bit, check back every now and then to see if you can catch him.

You never really appreciate the work that goes into such a manga until you see it done.  There are times where he spends some 10-20 hours on a single page or spread, even something the average reader will probably pass over in just a few seconds.  The detail he puts into his work and the time he spends on the small details is really quite amazing, I don’t think I could dedicate myself to the amount of time and effort he has to put in.

Anyways, since I follow him frequently enough, I grabbed his existing books off of Amazon.co.jp, which somehow made it to me in a record 2 days after placing the order.  I’m not sure if it’s just because I see what he has to do to write the manga, or if his art is really that good, because I really loved the visuals in the books.  The scenery, backgrounds, and details on the characters are really nice.  I guess it’s an action manga, with some really cool fights.  It occasionally turns a bit fanservicey, and every now and then nudity for the sake of nudity occurs (not complaining though!).  The manga has a lot of cloth being drawn (the female lead uses obi as a weapon), with the shading he does giving it an impressive amount of depth.  Story wise, it’s at least interesting, I’m not really sure what it’s trying to be yet.  From what I can tell, I’m not sure he does either, but at least it’s fun!