Edelweiss + Eiden Fantasia Review

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

Early September Mangagamer released an updated translation for the OverDrive title ‘Edelweiss’. Edelweiss was one of Mangagamer’s launch titles back when it opened summer 2008, but the translations were rather poor and reflected badly on the company. Fast forward a couple years, Mangagamer is making right on their promise to fix things up for their fans with a complete re-translation of the game.  This was more than enough reason for me to get off my lazy butt and play it.

Edelweiss also has an expansion or fandisc called Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia, that provides stories for the two side characters that did not get their own stories in the original, Sakura and Rin. Eiden Fantasia is a standalone game in that you don’t need to have the original, but since it ties seamlessly together and requires you to play the original to get the best out of it, it’s in your best interest to play both.  I picked up both through the Mangagamer website.

Edelweiss Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia
Original Release December 2006 August 2008
English Release July 2008
September 2011 (Re-translation)
March 2010
Studio Over-Drive
Localization Mangagamer
Genre Visual Novel (School Love Adventure)
Rating Adult Only (18+)
Availability Edelweiss Digital Version: 24.95€ (Approx. $34 US)
Eiden Fantasia Digital Version: 15.95€ (Approx. $21 US)
Edelweiss + Eiden Fantasia Bundle: 30.95€ (Approx. $42 US)

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