EXE Haxing – Replacing Strings, The Hard Way

titleI was originally just going to explain things to Aroduc, but I figured I needed to make it pretty elaborate so I may as well just make it public. I had a hell of a time finding any information online on how to do this and kind of just winged it, so I figured I’d share some of that knowledge. Note that I’m pretty bad at this, so what I say may not always be right or the best way to do things!

So lets say you’ve got a game you’re working on translating as part of a fanTL project. Due to the awesomeness of the internet and VN community, you’ve got all these tools available to localize a game, but not all the text you need to modify are in those resources. Some of them are in the game’s own executable file. How do you handle that?  Well, it’s complicated. Read more of this post