Updated Shuffle Font Patch

Mangagamer released a new patch for Shuffle a few days ago, which apparently fixes a game crash that occurs when viewing some of the CG in the CG room.  The patch also breaks the font patch I put out for the game.  So that said, I’ve updated the font patch on the site to work with the new patch.  If you want to install the font patch, you’ll now need the latest version first, head over to Mangagamer’s site to grab it, it’s only 1.3mb.

Updated Shuffle Font Patch

2 Responses to Updated Shuffle Font Patch

  1. H4cko says:

    Seems Mangagamer have removed the patch, at least on the downloads section I can only see the movie… Can you upload the updater or the pre-patched files? The original font is realy too skinny ; /

    • doddler says:

      Mangagamer did a complete re-editing of the game when they did their hard copy release, and updated their download version with those changes, which include the font changes. If you have the digital copy, your best bet would be to re-download the game, since it should improve the text a fair bit as well as fix the font.

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