Game Patches

Here you’ll find my various patches for English released novel games.  These updates are generally to resolve text or font issues that appear in mostly Mangagamer’s earlier game releases.  Everything is provided as is, if things break it’s not my (or Mangagamer’s) fault!

Text Patches

Da Capo

Da Capo was one of Mangagamer’s earlier titles, and while the translation isn’t that bad, it was in desperate need of an editor to make things flow a little better.  Mangagamer released Kotori Love Ex P, a fan disc of sorts featuring the character Kotori, that includes Kotori’s stories from a variety of different Da Capo products, including ‘Da Capo Plus Communication’, an updated version of Da Capo that was never released in English.  Because the Kotori Love version includes the much needed translation update, what I’ve done is I’ve ported the re-translated parts of the game that match up back to the original Da Capo.

This isn’t a complete patch, because it only provides a translation update for the common route, and for Kotori’s story.  There are some scenes that differed enough that I couldn’t port the translation over, and because the fan disc only covers Kotori’s story, once the plot branches into the different character routes, you’ll be back to the original translation.  Still, I think this should still improve your enjoyment of Da Capo by providing a much stronger translation for the first half of the game.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see the entirety of Plus Communication here and this patch will become irrelevant!

This patch includes the font fix and is compatible with both the download and packaged versions of the game.

Download Da Capo Text Patch


Edelweiss received a pretty impressive complete re-translation, which makes a world of a difference when it comes to readability in the game.  There were some text issues though that were reported on the forums that never made it to the game though, so I patched those changes back in.  There’s not that many fixes, and I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff that didn’t get fixed, but if you haven’t had a chance to try it, this patch might improve readability a bit.

Download Edelweiss Text Patch

Font Patches

Sometimes, the fonts used in Mangagamer’s earlier releases aren’t very readable.  For that reason, I’ve created patches to update the game to use Mangagamer’s latest font, which greatly increases readability in the titles.

You can download font patches for the following games:

Da Capo

(You should probably use the text patch listed above)

Kira Kira




Soul Link




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