Updated Shuffle Font Patch

Mangagamer released a new patch for Shuffle a few days ago, which apparently fixes a game crash that occurs when viewing some of the CG in the CG room.  The patch also breaks the font patch I put out for the game.  So that said, I’ve updated the font patch on the site to work with the new patch.  If you want to install the font patch, you’ll now need the latest version first, head over to Mangagamer’s site to grab it, it’s only 1.3mb.

Updated Shuffle Font Patch

Shuffle and Soul Link Font Patches

So over the Halloween sale I picked up Soul Link from MG, and also at the same time decided to grab Shuffle too. Both games default to my least favorite second least favorite font in the known universe (behind Comic Sans), Courier New, so I quickly fixed up a font patch for both games.

Shuffle! Font Patch

Soul Link Font Patch

I’ve also set up a Game Patches section on the site which has a collection of all the patches I’ve released, so you don’t have to go looking around for them later.

More Font Patches

Since I figured I may as well, I created font patches also for the mangagamer releases of Da Capo and Suika. It’s just like the Kira Kira patch I posted, and will set the game to run the ‘Bitstream Vera Sans Mono’ font, the one mangagamer is using for their newer releases. There’s already patches for these games but I like this font better :). I’ve only tested the Da Capo patch with the package version, but it should also be compatible with the download version.

Download Da Capo Font Patch

Download Suika Font Patch

Kira Kira Font Patch

A common complaint about Mangagamer’s earlier releases is that they use a poor choice of font for displaying text.  There are font patches available around the internet, but I found out that if you bought Kira Kira from mangagamer in a bundle with Kira Kira Curtain Call, then the game version is slightly different and hence incompatible with the existing font patch out there.  This actually only affects the base game, the Curtain Call expansion uses a very nice and clean font.

So what I did was I put together a font patch that is compatible with the version of Kira Kira they are currently offering.  You’ll need a legit version of the game, and the installer will verify you’re using a compatible version of the game engine before installing.  The patch will install the ‘Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold’ font (the one used in Curtain Call and the new Edelweiss translation) onto the system and copy a file ipl._bp to the game folder. If you run into any problems you can delete that file to return to an unpatched version.

Download Patch